SyncBackFree 9.0

Backup and synchronize files between two folders automatically
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SyncBackFree can help you synchronize and backup files. The program supports multiple types of locations, such as hard drives, removable devices, mapped drives, FTP sites and cloud storage services. Creating a synchronizing job can be a hard task, so it is good news that the tool assists you in this process by means of various wizards. Moreover, there are two modes: Easy and Expert, which allows you to use the program according to your experience.

Three different types of profiles are supported: backup, synchronize and mirror. A backup is a one-way process that copies everything from the source to the target location. With this type, the files on the destination are not deleted when they no longer exist on the source. A synchronization is intended to make sure you have the same data in two directories. In this respect, the program lets you create a series of rules to decide what to do under certain circumstances, which are based on comparing the contents on both ends. For example, you can tell the tool to delete a file from the destination if the source data has been erased or to keep the newest of two files only. A mirror profile copies files in one direction but also erases those files that are absent from the source location. Unfortunately, the program cannot perform intelligent synchronization, which would minimize data transfer and processing time.

The tool conveniently allows you to create batches of profiles that you can run or even schedule as a group. Since you may need to transfer sensitive information over unprotected networks, it is excellent that the program can encrypt and compress data as well.

In short, SyncBackFree exactly as described by its developer. Therefore, it is a great option to keep your data secure when you are running on a tight budget. However, for more specific purposes, you may want to also take a look at other editions: SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, and SyncBackLite, which support more features.

Pedro Castro
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  • Command line support
  • Various profile types
  • Data encryption and compression
  • Support of multiple storage media
  • Task scheduling


  • Does not support intelligent synchronizations
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