SyncBackFree 8.3.6

A tool for backing up and synchronizing both local and remote folders
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SyncBackFree is an easy-to-use tool that assists you in the tasks of backing up your files and folders and synchronizing folders. The program works through the creation of profiles that allow you to configure the type of task, the source and the destination location.Those, in turn, are not limited to local folders or drives, as external/network drives and remote directories are also supported.

The program offers a very simple wizard to start creating a profile, where you provide a name for it, select the type of profile and select the type of source and destination locations between locally accessible ones (like internal/external drives), or remote ones accessible via FTP protocol. By setting both the source and the destination as FTP locations, you could use the program as a special FTP client that synchronizes the contents of two remote folders, or backups the contents of a remote directory into another remote location, and this action can even be programmed for automatic periodic execution. As for the types of profiles you can choose from at wizard stage, they are "Backup" (a one-way data copy), "Synchronize" (a two-ways data copy) and "Mirror" (a one-way data copy that removes from the destination location the files that are not present in the source location). If you selected FTP for the source and/or destination locations, the wizard also allows you to provide the remote host name or address, the username, the password and the port number, and you can even test the connection for your total security.

Once you complete the simple steps of the wizard, the "Profile Setup" window launches for you to configure all the detailed parameters that are required. This window can be easily toggled between easy and expert modes. When in the easy mode, you can set the source and destination folders, individually select the sub-directories and files that will be backed up or synchronized, create filters for the operation, change the profile type or copy direction and create schedules to automate the execution of the profile. If you enable the expert mode, on the other hand, you will see a lot of extra parameters you can configure for advanced aspects like the packaging and encryption of your files on the destination location, the automatic execution of external programs before and after the profile execution, the event logging and automatic report e-mailing after the operation, the network connection details, the task priority and many others. Unfortunately, many of those options are present but disabled because they work only on the non-free editions of the program.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that you can create as many profiles as you need, remove any of them or modify their parameters at any moment. Besides, when you run a profile manually, you will see a differences report that shows you exactly what files will be copied to or removed from one location or another, and you can confirm the operation or abort it. In general terms I would say that this program offers a very good functionality to users, considering it's a free tool. As a drawback, I would say that its visual style is a bit precarious and little attractive.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Backups and syncs both local and remote directories
  • Use the program as a special type of FTP client
  • Creates a mirror directory from a source one
  • Includes both easy and expert modes for the detailed configuration
  • Schedule your backup/sync profiles for automatic execution
  • Creates packed/encrypted backups of your source data
  • Configure and maintain as many backup/sync profiles as you need


  • Includes many options that are disabled because they only work on the paid editions of the program
  • Offers a precarious and little attractive visual style
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