SyncBackFree 10.2

Synchronize files to local disks, external drives, network folders, and FTP

Among numerous backup and file synchronization tools available everywhere on the Web, SyncBackFree stands out for two reasons – its comprehensive and detailed approach to these tasks and its costless nature. This tool allows any user to create specific profiles to address the more complex (and also the simplest) requirements that we may have regarding backing up and syncing our data.

The program’s profile-based approach makes it both a bit harder to fathom as compare with other backup tools and also a great deal more precise. The time you may spend in familiarizing with its workflows will be highly compensated by the results. Getting the right profile to fit your specific needs may take you a few minutes and a couple of simulated tasks (to avoid irreversible unwanted results), but once you’ve set up your profile all you’ll have to do is select it and click on the “Run” button to watch the program perform its magic.

The program’s interface is simple, clean, and clear – sometimes it looks too simple and clear, forcing you to open the Help file to know more about how to proceed in designing your profiles. There is a Simple mode and there is also an Advanced mode, but whatever learning curve you decide to decide to face, it does pay off in the long run, especially if you take this task seriously and read all the warnings that the program sends you every now and then regarding the fact that it’ll be deleting and overwriting files for good.

The program offers you all the possible combinations – back up files, synchronize files and folders in both directions, schedule your backups, send logs via e-mail automatically, restore from backups, run programs before and after the backup task, etc. Just pay attention to the instructions in the Help file, follow the required steps carefully and you’ll end up with a powerful backup and synchronization tool that not only costs you nothing but delivers the promised results in the best possible way. I can’t recommend it enough – just give it a try and see if it is as capable of solving your backup needs as it did with mine.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Syncs folders and subfolders selectively
  • Schedule backups
  • Create different backup or sync profiles for various tasks


  • Takes some learning curve to master its workflow
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