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SyncBackFree is intended to synchronize data between different locations
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SyncBackFree is intended to synchronize data between different locations. The program has a nice interface and there are wizards to help you create new profiles. However, using the program in advanced mode can be difficult for inexperienced users. It supports many types of locations, either local or remote, including hard disks, portable devices, networked drives, FTP and even some on-the-cloud storage services.

The program allows creating customized profiles, which are called “jobs” in other similar programs. In this respect, there are three main types of profiles: backup, synchronize and mirror. In the case of backups, they are not actual synchronization jobs as they simply make copies of the contents from the source to the target location. Synchronizations, in turn, are bi-directional so any differences between both locations are detected. You can decide what to do under certain conditions, like erasing a specific file from the destination if it’s no longer present in the source. Finally, mirroring contents means making an exact copy of the original contents and, unlike a synchronization, it works in only one direction.

Luckily, you can group several profiles and run them in batches. Moreover, you can use filters to copy or synchronize some types of files only. In advanced mode, the tool supports other options, such as encrypting and compressing data. It’s a good thing that the program also lets you schedule profiles to run automatically at certain times.

All in all, SyncBackFree is really effective in protecting your data from accidental loss. It supports every type of synchronize job and practically every storage destination. When tested in various tasks, the program worked without any problem. Therefore, it’s a program I gladly recommend.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a nice interface.
  • It can be used from the command line.
  • It allows you to create various types of profiles.
  • It can encrypt and compress data.
  • It supports practically every type of storage medium.
  • Profiles can be scheduled to run at certain times


  • It may be difficult to use in advanced mode
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